Beyond The Décor believes in providing the best quality experience to their clients, the team does an in-depth study over the architectural buildup of the venue or location picked for the wedding keeping in mind the historical stories about the venue, No wedding feels truly complete without wedding decorations. However simple they may be, your decorations can turn a special event into the magical, once-in-a-lifetime celebration that you’ve always dreamed of. Now, wedding decorations don’t come easy, they require a lot of thought and deliberate preparation. So before you go out there and scout your wedding decorations, equip yourself with some basic décor knowledge. Team BTD makes sure the ambiance and the décor accompany each other and catch the limelight of the guests.

There are many factors for the client to focus on but the detailed aspect and the finishing is looked by us. Decor plays a very important after which it is the food and services, it is necessary for the tinniest detailed to be on point, the decoration is not only about the ideas but mainly for the execution of those ideas to bring the thought to life and make dreams come true.

Wedding Ceremony Decoration

Let’s begin with the ceremony. The ceremony lies at the very core of a wedding, as it’s the moment when two lovers are united in the sacred bond of marriage. Such an endearing moment in one’s life should be completed with a breathtaking set-up, don’t you think? So, be sure to not overlook these elements to create an alluring backdrop or mandap that complements your 2solemn vows. Adding a completely different feel to your promises.

Outdoor Spaces

The good news about outdoor spaces is that they’re pretty on their own. If you’re getting married outside, feel free to put some chairs down (at least for the older or less healthy folks) and then just get married already. But if you are going to do some decorations for an outdoor ceremony, focus on ways to frame your space. You might want to put a table at the back of the seating, to hold programs or other decors. Creating some sort of backdrop for the vows can be nice, such as a wedding arch or chuppah. You can use two arrangements of flowers on either side of you for the same purpose. For a reception, use tricks to make space seem more intimate, like drawing the eye down to the plate or table with decor items, and using candles or lights.


Depending on your venue, there are different alternatives for the wedding ceremony entrance area. Your entrance can be marked by church doors, a simple gate, or even two huge flower vases. Whatever kind of entrance it may be, make sure it won’t look plain. Decorate your entrance with flowers, ribbons, garland, or any other elements you can think of.

Pew decoration

Pew decorations are put on the sides of chairs at your wedding ceremony venue. Aside from making the chairs look more interesting, pew decorations will complement your aisle décor and connect the entrance with the arch in the deeper part of the room.

Wedding Reception Decorations

Up next is the wedding reception. Being the celebratory part of the wedding, the wedding reception naturally has more areas to decorate. Go through the ones listed below slowly and make sure to not miss any spots.


The bridal stage is the focal point of every wedding reception. In fact, many professional decorators have suggested allocating the biggest chunk of your decoration budget for the stage. This comes as no surprise, as your stage will be the main focus of the event and the backdrop of almost every wedding photo.

Sajan court

If you’re having a sit-down dinner, centerpieces are a must. Even if you’re having a standing party, centerpieces are still needed for the VIP and family tables. There’s no need to be too extravagant, as simple ones like flowers in glass jars can work just as well. With proper centerpieces, your guests will feel appreciated, and imagine how pretty everything will look!


Lighting is an essential element, as it enhances the atmosphere of the whole venue and makes all the decorations look alive. Have your lighting designer and decorator work together to add little touches of light here and there to make your decorations look amazing.


You might not think about it that much, but the type of chair you use for your wedding can affect the whole atmosphere. Before settling down with one type of chair, take a look at the most popular types of wedding chairs in the slider below.


This is particularly important for a sit-down dinner. After you’ve arranged seating arrangements for your guests, make sure that they have pretty table settings readily waiting in front of them.


When we’re talking about weddings and decorations, it’s almost certain that we’re going to bring flowers into the picture. After choosing the florist and flowers to use on your wedding day, consult the types and placement of the flowers with your decorator.

Small events /side events

Regardless of whether you are hosting a large wedding function like the wedding ceremony or sangeet, or a small function like a pooja or a Mehendi, one thing is for certain – you need decor! However, getting a space to look festive, bright, and beautiful is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive – so at, we’ve come up with a solution!

We have created beautiful decor packages that include everything from fresh flowers, to Mehendi seats, to photo booths, to the trendiest props and wall decor options, to labor and delivery costs! Moreover, the packages can be customized to fit many themes, as well as the layout of your function space or home.