The entry of the bride walking down the aisle towards her partner is the whole highlight of the big  event and a great memory for the bride to cherish personally.

Much like wearing a beautiful bridal lehenga and the right set of baubles, a bride also dreams of making a striking bridal entry on her wedding day. And why not! After all, it’s one of the few monumental moments of a wedding where all eyes are glued to the bride. Everyone, from the guests to the groom, impatiently wait to get the first glimpse of the bride all dressed in her bridal glory. Which is why a bride has to make sure that her bridal entry is every bit unique and dreamy.

There is a lot of that takes place  to look after that this 15 minute walk goes on smoothly as the bride pulls off her lahenga nothing less than a princess yet staying very calm but again overwhelmed with her emotions

Staying true to the traditional bridal entry ideas, some brides are walking down the aisle to the tunes of ‘Din Shagna Da’ even today.

Given that, a lot of brides are moving over the old-school bridal entry ideas and are instead opting for fresh and quirky bridal entry ideas. While some are going all royal and arriving like real-life maharanis on breathtaking palkis and raths,

others are taking the fun quotient a notch above by making an entry on golf carts, rikshaws and bikes. In fact, we have even witnessed some sassy brides putting aside the inhibitions and making a dashing bridal entry by dancing all their way to the mandap. Now that sounds interesting, right?

And hence team Beyond The Décor has managed to make the extraordinary wedding a lot more extra and better for couple and their big day.

Here are 12 amazing ways a bride can pick from the trending list or have a view on how she would want to enter on her big day?

Why choose those cliche bridal entry ideas when there are such lit wedding entry ideas that you can opt for, to make this moment way more special? Giving you the right kind of inspiration, down here we’ve enlisted the best of the best bridal entry ideas. Drive through the listicle and bookmark the one that you’ll be swearing by for your bridal entry! Gest, Set, Save!

1. Ditch the road and take a boat ride

For all you brides who are planning to have a beachside wedding, here’s one unique Indian bride entry idea that is a sure shot win! Take a look at these brides who took their bridal entry to another level by zipping through the turquoise green waters and arriving in huge motorboats to their wedding mandap. They’ll surely blow your minds. Especially the one where the bride can be seen making an entry on a lotus-shaped boat! It’s freakin’ crazy and a must-must save for all the to-be brides.

2. Let your pets announce your arrival

Do you have pets? If yes, what would be better than entering your mandap with your fur balls by your side? It will not only help you grab the most eyeballs but also get you to relish some quality time with your poochies before you finally bid them adieu and embark on your new journey. Take cues from these brides who turned their pets into their best man on their big day and entered the wedding venue just in style.

3. Make your entry with your parents by your side

For the constant love and affection that your parents have showered you with, all these years, they definitely deserve a special token of love and gratitude from your end. And what better way to make them feel loved and on top of the world by walking down the aisle with them?

Yes, making a remarkable entry with your mommy and daddy by your side is a lot in vogue these days! But more than a trend, it’s a precious moment to seal. So, ditch everyone and let your parents escort you for the most special walk of your life.

4. Enter in style under a shaandar phoolon ki chaadar

When we talk about popular bridal entry ideas, the first thing that pops into our head is a bride all dressed in her bridal lehenga and jewels walking down the aisle under a beautiful phoolon ki chaadar. Yes, that’s how synonymous a phoolon ki chaadar is to an Indian bride’s entry. Especially for all the North Indian brides! While some are picking traditional dupattas strung with kaleeras for their bridal entry, others are infusing the charm of voguish umbrella phoolon ki chaadars & those woven with multi-hued flowers, tassels and other fancy adornments to their entries.

And while you can always ask your decorator to get you one of the quirkiest phoolon ki chaadars, but if you want to add some personal touches to it, how about you DIY your phoolon ki chaadarat home?  It’s super fun and doesn’t burn a big hole in your pockets.

5. Make your way into the mandap with the man of your dreams!

Even though your bridal entry should be all about you, but you can always take the offbeat route and rope in your bae to make a mesmerizing entry together. Simply walk hand-in-hand with your bae under a beautiful phoolon ki chaadar or with some dazzling fireworks and leave everyone smitten with your love.

6. Dance your way to the mandap

Dancing brides are the prettiest! Especially these brides who refrained from acting all coy and sashayed down the aisle shaking a leg with their girl gang and family members. While some opted for peppy Bollywood numbers for their bridal entry, others chose soft & romantic tracks to dance on and even dedicated their bridal entry performances to their beloved partners.

If you too want to make a sizzling dancing bridal entry on your wedding day, begin with choosing the right song. Be particular with what beats & tunes you’re picking so you don’t end up goofing up last minute. Once you’re done doing that, see if you need some props or accessories. Like if you’ve chosen to make a bridal entry on the song ‘Kaala Chashma’ make sure you pick a pair of black aviators to wear along with your bridal lehenga to do full justice to your act.

7. Go the classy way and enter in a vintage car

While digging the internet for some latest bridal entry ideas, we also stumbled upon a few brides making their way to the man of their lives in vintage cars. And oh boy, these dazzling beauties genuinely did some real magic to their wedding entry! Also, we loved how brides further upped the cool quotient by entering the venue sitting on their lovelies and posing like true angel.

8. Walk down the aisle with your girl gang

Who after your parents do you think will be escorting you all the way to the mandap? Your lovely ladies, of course! Well, amidst all the possible bridesmaids’ duties they’re expected to meet, the one that tops the list is of making your bridal entry one of a kind. And we couldn’t help but agree on the same after we saw a lot of bridesmaids holding the phoolon ki chaadar for their bridey BFF and swapping roles with the males in the family. (*Another trendy bridal entry idea SPOTTED!*)

9. Feel like a princess arriving on a fancy rath or palki

On a day as big as your wedding, you don’t deserve to be treated anything short of a princess. Which is why your bridal entry too needs to be one grand affair. Just how it was for these brides who dazzled their way to the stage sitting in spectacular palkis and raths like the royal maharanis. It seems like they have come straight out of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s gigantic sets!

We’re majorly obsessing over these stellar bridal entries. Especially the one where the bride can be seen arriving on an enormous rath decorated with white feathery fabric and some gorgeous floral arrangements. It’s surely one of the best bridal entry ideas.

10. Be the swagger bride and enter on a bike or a scooter!

If you’re in no mood of going the mainstream way and wish to make a cool bridal entry on your big day, then here’s all the inspiration you need. These brides went out of the box and rode to their wedding venue on a bike. And all we can do is gape in awe looking at their swagger bridal entries.

Now you decide whether you wish to ride down the aisle on a bike on your own or get escorted by your brothers & fathers!

11. You can also enter in a desi style – On a rickshaw!

Apart from using gorgeously decorated rickshaws as a mehndi decor prop or for a quirky photobooth set up, a lot of brides are now infusing them in their bridal entries as well and how beautifully! We got completely hooked to this bridal entry idea just when we saw these brides being driven into their wedding paradise by their brothers. Will you ask your brother to ride you all the way into the mandap in a beautifully decked-up rikshaw too?

12. Infuse the charm of sparklers in your bridal entry

Want to make a lit bridal entry on your big day? Just add a few sparklers or some dhamakedaar fireworks to it and witness the magic that they create! Apart from numerous ways of using sparklers in weddings, bridal entry is one of our most favourite. They illuminate the bridal entry making it look like straight out of a film scene. Moreover, the pictures come out even great. Don’t believe us? Check out these photographs below that will surely convince you to have a sparkling entry on your big day.